Why Our BBQ?

It’s All About the Chicken:

Why are our customers all about our grilled chicken?
Our unique flavor profile is due to our 4 step process that we’ve mastered…

1. Fresh marinade is made – every time, for every order.
2. Next, we submerge our chicken in marinade for 48 hours.
3. Before tossing on the grill, we add our infamous Chicken Sprinkle.
4. Then – we let the charcoal do the rest of the work!

Don’t take our word…  John from Hamburg says:


“These guys produce some incredible chicken dinners. Sides are AMAZING! Nice to see a small local business doing so well! Great people, too – Highly recommend!”

Our Pork Process:

We bought a great wood offset smoker this summer (A Klose Smoker, for those of you who know your barbecue brands). This smoker uses only wood for fire. Anytime you get pulled pork from us, know that it has smoked for over 12 hours!

You can’t rush good barbecue, and we would NEVER. Neva eva.

We also take pride in using local woods such as hickory, red oak, apple, and maple in or smoker. This gives our pork products a unique taste you won’t get anywhere else around here.

We know you’re going to enjoy!

A few more kind words from our fan, Mike:


“Some of the best Brisket I’ve had…along with the Ribs. House made BBQ sauce and owner on site, makes for a great business…. A definite must when you are in Hamburg!”

MMMM, and we can’t forget our homemade BBQ Sauce!

We make our BBQ sauce fresh weekly. It has a little kick to it, like any good sauce should, and flows perfectly with all of our meats (or Mac & Cheese, or fries, etc, etc – no judging here)!